Finding the best-value will-call automation solution for your pharmacy

As a pharmacy leader, you know how important it is to streamline your operations and provide the best possible care to your patients. One area where you can make a big impact is in your will-call process. By investing in technology to support this critical function, you can reduce customer wait times, increase prescription accuracy, and free up your staff to focus on other tasks.

Choosing the best will-call automation solution for your pharmacy can be overwhelming, but don’t let the options discourage you. It’s essential to consider what matters most to your team and the goals you want to achieve. 

Don’t just focus on the price, but also think about the long-term benefits and the return on investment. A pros and cons list can help you weigh the most critical factors that will impact your team’s experience.

InterLink created a five-step guide to help you assess how solutions on the market compare to one another in terms of cost and value and determine what’s right for your pharmacy.

1. Recognize the opportunity for will-call automation.
2. Assess and prioritize pain points and nice-to-have or must-have will-call system features.
3. Identify options on the market and get input from pharmacy peers, ignoring any solutions that don’t meet your ‘must-have’ requirements.
4. Explore cost and return on investment (ROI) – aka the costs of not investing in will call.
5. Get buy-in from decision-making counterparts and those whose day-to-day will be impacted by the decision.

By taking these steps, you are not only improving the lives of your patients but also securing the future growth and success of your business.