How to Know if You Need Will-Call Tech [Free Guide]

The real question to ask yourself is:

How much are a zero-error rate, optimal inventory management, an organized will-call area, a content and efficient staff, and a loyal customer base worth to my pharmacy business?

As the demand for pharmaceutical services continues to rise, so does the need for efficient and timely prescription dispensing and delivery. Retail and outpatient pharmacies are often faced with the challenge of managing high volumes of prescription orders, while also providing quality customer service and clinical services to patients. This is where will-call automation can revolutionize the way pharmacies improve overall efficiency and patient experience.


For pharmacies that are struggling with managing long customer wait times, manual prescription search-and-retrieval and tedious return-to-stock processes, the benefits of will-call automation cannot be overstated. This technology streamlines the entire prescription delivery process – from the moment a medication is filled to the point of sale – and can help pharmacies to save time and resources, while also improving patient safety and customer satisfaction, which ultimately impacts the bottom line.


But how can a pharmacy recognize when it’s time to invest in will-call automation – or which solutions on the market offer the best value?

Use our free, objective guide to get you started evaluating pharmacy will-call technology options, costs and value: