Pharmacy Will-call system

This state-of-the-art system is now available for your will-call area.

The scripClip™ will-call system helps pharmacy staff quickly and efficiently locate the right prescription for the right customer, every time.

Efficient and Accurate will call

Shorten Return-to-Stock Time by up to 78%¹

Makes quick work of identifying any un-retrieved and expired prescriptions that must be returned to stock.

Shorten Packaging and Search Time by 43-100%²

You get increased productivity and significant time savings as prescriptions are quickly retrieved, regardless of where they are located.

No remodeling required

Works with existing bin or hanging systems – no special hardware or pharmacy remodeling required.

Improve customer satisfaction

Your customers' experiences improve as they wait in shorter lines and are "wowed" by your efficiency and the confidence it inspires.

No more alphabetizing

Identifying LED lights enable prescriptions to be stacked or hung in any order — no alphabetizing of required.

Unmatched accuracy

You and your customers get the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are always getting the right prescription.

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¹, ² InterLink AI, 2017: Measuring Labor Savings after Implementing an Advanced Pharmacy Automation Solution in Will Call Management; A Study in Labor Savings in Prescription Packaging, Retrieval and Return to Stock.