Pharmacy Will-call Technology

This state-of-the-art, light-up pharmacy bag system is now available for your will-call area.

scripClip will-call automation technology helps pharmacy staff quickly and efficiently locate the right prescriptions for the right customers. And it's easy to get up and running on the intuitive system without any store remodeling.

Efficient and Accurate Will Call

Once a prescription has been filled and verified, a scripClip hanging bag or clip-on (for paper bags or oversized packages) is scanned and placed into will call in any location, in any order.


At pickup, pharmacy staff simply keys the customer information into the point-of-sale (POS) computer and the appropriate scripClip lights up. Different colored lights are uniquely associated with each workstation, supporting multiple, concurrent transactions.


scripClip also helps shorten time spent searching for un-retrieved prescriptions that must be returned to stock. On command, the overdue scripClips simultaneously light up, enabling staff to quickly pull them from the will-call area. 


Shorten Return-to-Stock Time by up to 78%¹

Make quick work of identifying any un-retrieved and expired prescriptions that must be returned to stock.

Shorten Packaging and Search Time by 43-100%²

Increase productivity and save time as prescriptions are quickly retrieved, regardless of where they are located.

No remodeling required

Work with existing bin or hanging rod systems; special hardware or pharmacy remodeling is not required. AAA batteries power each scripClip for years.

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Patient Safety

Elevate customer experiences by creating shorter lines and "wowing" them with your efficiency and the confidence it inspires.


No more alphabetizing

LED lights enable prescriptions to be stacked or hung in any order, without any need for tedious sorting or alphabetical organization.

Reduce Staff Burnout

Empower employees to work more efficiently, provide create customer service and operate at the top of their licenses - dramatically increasing job satisfaction.

See How scripClip Works

Thinking about Implementing a Central Fill Solution?

Avoid rework in your retail pharmacy locations by integrating scripClip from the start!

What our customers are saying

"It's been a great addition to our staff, as far as workflow for pickup!"