Estimated 35k wrong-patient prescription-delivery errors avoided in the last year

study from the Institute of Safe Medication Practices (ISMP) shows that roughly one in every 1000 prescriptions is correctly dispensed but given to the wrong patient – due to order-filling mix-ups, patient verification errors at the point of sale, or retrieval of the wrong order from will call.

Fortunately, scripClip will-call technology preempts opportunities for these types of errors, positively impacting thousands of patients.

Based on the number of scripClips used in pharmacies across the US and Canada, we estimate scripClip helped avoid 35,000 wrong-patient prescription-delivery errors in the last year.

That’s 35,000 patients’ information protected, experiences preserved and health outcomes supported – directly correlating with pharmacy business results, ranging from customer loyalty and workforce satisfaction, to improved inventory management and avoided risk and fees.

Based on experiential data, we estimate savings of the following for the average pharmacy location using scripClip:

  • 134 minutes per day saved on prescription search and retrieval at the point of sale (17.5 seconds per transaction)
  • 130 hours per year saved on return-to-stock processes (25 minutes per day)

Think about these time savings, inventory cost savings and error avoidance implications in your pharmacy.

If you aren’t already using scripClip will-call automation technology, request a demo and customized ROI analysis today.

average scripClip pharmacy location savings infographic