Improving Pharmacy Will-Call Workflows for Change Healthcare PMS Customers

You know the feeling when you have hundreds of orders to fill, a line of customers out the door, and anxiety that it’s going to take your undivided attention to make sure you find the correct prescription for J. Doe—not to mention, answer any questions they have about it?

This stress is all too familiar in most pharmacies. Except in those that have scripClip® …



scripClip is an industry-leading will-call system that enables pharmacists and technicians to instantly put the right prescriptions in the right patients’ hands. Unique LED-lit scripClips (available in hanging bags, clip-ons for paper bags and oversized packages, and flash beacons for remotely located prescriptions) are visible and audible from anywhere in the pharmacy.



  • No more tedious alphabetical sorting to file orders in will-call.
  • No more looking foolish as you scour through racks, drawers, and shelves for the right prescriptions while customers wait at the point of sale.
  • No more wondering whether J. Doe will have to come back again later because you missed one of their family member’s medications.
  • No more spending hours on Return to Stock.
  • No need for remodeling stores to accommodate a complex solution or clunky equipment.

scripClip is ready to roll and easy to learn—making a meaningful, overnight difference for staff, patients, and profits alike. And perhaps best of all, it integrates seamlessly with Change Healthcare’s pharmacy management system (PMS)!

Change Healthcare has a comprehensive enterprise PMS called Enterprise Pharmacy System™ (EPS). It is used by retail chains, healthcare providers, and independent pharmacies throughout the country to manage prescription medication orders, patient information, sales, and inventory.

Thanks to collaborative development among Change Healthcare, InterLink AI, and a groundbreaking mutual customer, scripClip is easily added into the PMS functionality. With the simple click of a button on pharmacy workstation computers, personnel can check prescriptions into will-call and readily locate the right orders for the right patients at the point of sale.

No extra steps; just invaluable time savings and peace of mind.

Especially as people increasingly consider pharmacies to be hubs of clinical care; freeing staff up to provide patient consultation and other revenue-generating services is mission critical.

A recent study commissioned by Wolters Kluwer
 shows that more than 50% of Americans are worried about potential problems with their prescriptions stemming from burnout and insufficient staffing; yet 3 in 5 can envision getting more care at pharmacies in the future. Workflow solutions like scripClip, coupled with an intuitive PMS, can successfully prepare pharmacies for this new frontier.

It’s worth getting a scripClip demo to see how this could work in your pharmacy.

Shopping for a new PMS? Consider Change Healthcare’s, with scripClip built in.

Already a Change Healthcare customer?
Talk to your account manager or the team at InterLink AI about streamlining your will-call workflow with scripClip.