3 Ways We’re Taking Pharmacy Tech to the Next Level

Innovation is the name of the game at InterLink AI. We are always looking for ways to make our solutions smarter, to help pharmacies run most efficiently, cost effectively and safely.


Since the onset of the pandemic, like so many other businesses, we were faced with chip shortages, delivery delays, inflationary cost pressures and labor constraints. All the while, we have been striving to elevate our scripClip will-call system by taking user feedback to heart and finding unique solutions to overcome the unforeseen challenges.

Here are three big ways we’ve taken scripClip tech to new heights to help your pharmacy level up:

Nordic chip1. Redesigned Brain

We have reimagined the scripClip hardware (the boards inside the plastic part of the clip) to be made up of fewer components and a new Nordic NRF2810 semiconductor chip with the latest Bluetooth technology. Chips like these are used in everything from top-of-the-line home appliances and cars, to telecommunications equipment and personal biometric devices. With this technology, we can also make real-time, over-the-air updates – A/B testing features before they’re widely deployed and ensuring customers are always set up with the latest-and-greatest functionality.

AAA batteries2. Extended Battery Life


Revolutionary technology in combination with the updated boards has optimized the battery life. Now, a simple pair of AAA batteries will reliably power a scripClip (flashing lights, sounds, 24/7 monitoring) for up to two years or more, instantly lowering the long-term cost of ownership and operation of the will-call automation system.

US manufacturing3. US-based Manufacturing

A new domestic supplier has ramped up production of our scripClip hanging bags. This is an exciting development in that we’re supporting other American businesses while also ensuring product availability and greater price stability. Plus, more localized production leads to lower shipping costs and quicker time to installation – so scripClip can get up and running in your pharmacy faster.

Interested in putting this cutting-edge technology to work in your pharmacy? Request a free workflow assessment and personalized scripClip demo today.