3 signs it’s time to upgrade your will-call area

Anyone who has stepped into a retail or outpatient pharmacy in the last year has seen the strain on pharmacy teams – not to mention what you’re feeling behind the counter and when you finally clock out for the day.


The right will-call automation solution can help streamline inventory management, strengthen operational efficiency, elevate your customer and staff experience, and improve patient health. In other words, the right will-call solution can give your pharmacy the one thing you need most: time.

Here are three big signs you should explore what scripClip can do for you:

1) You feel short on time.

If you feel like you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off, you’re not alone. Pharmacy teams are pulled in countless directions and spending up to 90% of time on administrative work, rather than operating at the top of their license and generating revenue for the pharmacy.

Take stock of where you and your team spending most your days. Are you providing clinical services, on the phone and in the front of the store with patients, or are you navigating paperwork, searching for prescriptions in the will call area and doublechecking patient information so you don’t give the wrong medication to the wrong person?

scripClip streamlines the process of putting prescriptions into will-call – doing away with tedious sorting systems – and decreases the time to retrieve them at the point of sale by 73%. Imagine cutting down your retrieval process from 60 seconds to 16 seconds…

2) Your customers are wasting precious minutes in line.

If you feel short on time, chances are your customers do too. Take stock of your customer queues. Say you have five customers waiting. If each prescription takes at least one minute to find, and many of them have multiple bags (27% of US adults are prescribed 10 or more drugs), you’re looking at spending at least three minutes per person, even if you’re ultra-efficient with manual processes.

That means the fifth person in line has used at least 15 minutes of their lunch break waiting to pick up their medications. Not to mention that they’re unlikely to have patience for much-needed pharmacist consultation, and they’re bound to take their frustration out on the pharmacy tech at the counter who’s simply working as fast as they can to rifle through alphabetized bins.

scripClip’s unique pick-to-light functionality not only makes it easy for staff to quickly locate and retrieve the correct prescriptions from anywhere in the pharmacy and reduce customer wait times; the flashing lights and speed to sale have a “WOW” factor that further improves their experience and confidence.

See how it works in this quick video.

3) You’re spending hours on return-to-stock.

There’s nothing worse than finishing a long day of work to realize a good percentage of the packages in will call haven’t been picked up for two weeks – leading to minutes if not hours of manual lookup, retrieval and restocking tasks.

The scripClip system makes it easy to run a report of all prescriptions based on fill date or prescription name/NDC number and illuminate all items in the will-call area at once. Retrieval is a piece of cake and a return-to-stock (RTS) printer simplifies the vial relabeling process, helping pharmacies spend approximately 78% less time on RTS.

Feel like you don’t have time to evaluate scripClip? If 1, 2 and/or 3 rang true, you probably don’t have time not to. Visit InterLinkAI.com to request a demo.