Compounding Pharmacy Sees the Light

This case study, written by Bruce Kneeland, was published in 2019. Click here to view Bruce’s original post.

Sierra Compounding pharmacy is part of an exceptional three location chain in Reno, NV. The company owns a community drug store, a specialty pharmacy and a busy compounding facility.


David Vasenden, R.Ph., a partner in this unique operation says he first saw the scripClip will-call system at the Cardinal Health Retail Business Conference. While not actively looking for a will-call system he was acquainted with one of the sales representatives in the [InterLink AI, formerly PerceptiMed] booth so he took time to listen.


He says that while he was intrigued he saw no immediate need for the company’s scripClip will-call system. The system’s primary appeal is using hanging prescription bags with LED lights embedded in the handle that make it possible to retrieve filled prescriptions faster and more accurately. But as he was about to leave the booth, he noticed one of [the] small LED embedded clips and started to rethink his original assessment. The ability of the simple clip to be fastened to bags, bins, boxes and any other thing in the compounding pharmacy struck him as a good idea. So, after some careful thought he bought the scripClip system and had it installed in the compounding pharmacy.


Vasenden says now that he has had the system for a while, “I’d hate not having it.” The nature of compounding is such that medications can be in-process in several different places. Being able to hit a button and have the scripClip on their 4”x 8” plastic baskets light-up makes it easy to find a compound no matter where it is located in the pharmacy.


As for advice to others contemplating the scripClip system, he says, “If you buy it, go all in and use it.” Scanning the prescription into the system and incorporating it into your workflow is important as it means everyone on the team knows how to find any mediation at any point, from initial input, to handing it to the patients.


And, he adds with a chuckle, one other advantage is that scripClip, “Keeps me from looking stupid”, as he says he and his staff never have to scramble looking for a patient’s medication.