AI-Based Medication Verification and Delivery for Long-term Care Facilities

medPass™ was specifically designed to eliminate the margin of human error in dispensing and administration of medication at long-term-care facilities.

Shift changes, new patients, illegible handwriting, hectic schedules… all can result in errors.

The medPass™ system, with unique, locking medication dispensers that pair with band assigned to each individual patient, dramatically reduces the opportunity for error. Patients and providers can rest assured that they receive the right medication and dosage at the right time, every time.

Individual locking pill-dispensers Reduce medication errors

Interacts with EMR systems to download patient prescriptions, which are clearly displayed on screen.

Big pharmacy automation with a small, desktop footprint is ideal for med carts.

Fail-safe device opens only when medications are verified and within inches of the appropriate patient’s RFID identification tag.

Simple, one-handed operation is quick and easy to learn.